Craft & Materials

  • Our basket bags are handmade in El Salvador by a small female-led team of skilled artisans. Each basket takes 3-4 hours to make.

  • Wooden molds and prototypes in our workshop in Nahuizalco. This small town in El Salvador is known for keeping traditional Salvadorain artisanship alive with many weavers making a living with basketry craft and furniture making.

  • Our basktes are woven from 100% plastic (HDPE) strands, using a mix of locally sourced virgin and post-consumer recycled material. HDPE stands for high density polyethylene and is one of the most widely recycled plastic polymers worldwide. This material makes our baskets waterproof, lightweight, UV resistant and extremely durable.


Rayas Collective was born in 2022 by sisters Luisa & Consuelo after the two travelled to Consuelo’s home country of El Salvador. Exploring local craft markets, sourcing materials and working hand in hand with artisans, we returned with our hearts and heads full of wonder and inspiration. 

Motivated to share the beauty and spirit of El Salvador with all of you, we have put together a collection of unique and eclectic woven market baskets, committed to empowering local artisans by honouring traditional hand woven techniques.

Photo: Savannah van der Niet (@savvyv) for Rayas and Cee Cee Creative (@ceeceecreative)⁠