Rayas & You: Anouck Mutsaerts

Anouck Mutsaerts a fashion editor, stylist and brand consultant based in Geneva, Switzerland. Her colourful and effortless style immediately grabbed our attention, resonating deeply with the Rayas vision and aesthetic. Today we're sharing some insights into Anouck's personal and professional world, featured alongside a collection of spontaneous images she styled and snapped of her Rayas baskets for us. Merci Anouck!  

Styling and photography by Anouck Mutsaerts.

Dear Anouck - what’s in your basket?

In my basket you’ll find a pair of sunglasses, my camera, a notebook, a lipstick and my keys. 

What’s your favourite thing about your Rayas basket(s)?

The thing I love most about my Rayas is that they are so colourful and fun to wear! I also find it important that they are handmade and support local female artisans in El Salvador. 

Do you have a personal or professional motto?

A both personal and professional one: To always trust my instinct. 

How do you express personal style?

Style is a very intuitive thing for me, and very often it reflects my mood. It’s never a good sign for example, if you see me wearing black. I am naturally attracted to anything that is colourful. I also express personal style in my love for colourful interiors and objects.  

What tool, object or ritual could you not live without in your workday?

Coffee !!! 

What does the world need less of? More of?

I would say the world needs more humanity and less discrimination. Also more love and less ego. 

What is your favourite thing to come home to?

My dog Albert.

What’s the last place you travelled to that left a mark?

I travelled for a few weeks to south India last February, it’s such an inspiring place. 

  • Small Eggplant
  • Small Eggplant

Small Eggplant

Regular price €65,00

Colours: Green, Purple
Size: S

Height: 19 cm 
Width: 21 cm 
Depth: 10 cm 
Handles: 21 cm

Our colourful basket bags are handmade in El Salvador from a small female-led team of skilled artisans. Each basket takes 3-4 hours to make. 

They are woven from 100% plastic (HDPE) strands, using a mix of virgin and post-consumer recycled material. HDPE stands for high density polyethylene and is one of the most widely recycled plastic polymers worldwide. This material makes our baskets waterproof, lightweight, UV resistant and extremely durable.

Please note that every basket is handmade and unique; therefore, slight irregularities in the material, size, and handle length might occur.